Symposium 4

Uncertain Journeys – Symposium 4

Appeals Rights Exhausted – Human Rights Assessments and Unknown Futures

Wednesday 26th November, 2014, 10.30-16.00

Royal Holloway Building. 11, Bedford Square, London WC1B 3RF (entrance from Montague Place)

This symposium will initially explore the legal and policy frameworks and practice responses to unaccompanied and separated young people seeking asylum whose appeal rights have been exhausted (ARE). The current legal context for the provision of services, different interpretations and varied responses will also be discussed. A model for Human Rights Assessments for ARE care leavers and other relevant or former relevant young people subject to immigration control/ no recourse to public funds will be presented and the benefits and challenges of implementing this in practice in local authorities discussed.

In the second part of the symposium we will discuss what information is available from formal and informal sources about the journeys of young people who are ARE, both in terms of young people who are deported and those that remain in the UK. The possibilities, potential difficulties and ethical issues associated with maintaining contact with young people will be explored.

This symposium will include a presentation by a Richard Ross (a local authority manager) and a legal perspective. There will be many opportunities for discussion and debate about the legal, ethical and social work practice issues when working with young people who are ARE.

The symposium is primarily aimed at team managers and senior practitioners in local authorities. The event is now fully booked-up, so we are sorry that we cannot accept any more bookings. We will post a report on the event on the UJ website soon afterwards.


10.30: Tea, coffee and registration

11.00: Welcome and Introduction. Anna Gupta, Royal Holloway.

11.15: A Model for Human Rights Assessments. Richard Ross, Solihull Metropolitan borough Council.

12.00: Discussion and suggestions for future action

12.45: Introduction to the afternoon session: Brief summary of current research into post-ARE young people. Sue Clayton, Goldsmiths.

1.00: Lunch

1.45: What do we know about what happens to Appeals Right Exhausted young people? How can we know more? Small group discussions.

2.30: Feedback and discussion of potential research network around post-ARE outcomes for separated young people in the UK.

3.30: Tea and coffee